The 5 Happiest Countries to Live In

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Some countries have earned the title of being the happiest country in the world. Can security like money or health care be responsible for this happiness? The Legatum Institute Prosperity Index ranks the happiest country according to its financial stability including government welfare programs, career opportunities, education and healthcare, while the Gallup Poll insists that people are happy because of their culture and lifestyle. The scores are in for 2012 with five countries that are ranked as the happiest in the world.
The 5 Happiest Countries to Live In


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Denmark follows close behind Norway with its per capita GDP of $37,700 along with its political support, strong social networks, full healthcare coverage, low crime rates and education for every person. It’s no wonder Denmark leads in its high standard of learning; their education is free. Ironically, they rank as the smartest people and yet lack updated technology.

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